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My purpose is to inspire and provoke thoughts through this blog. The following entries are my personal truths, stories and revelations that have come to me throughout my life. It is my desire to share with you so that someday you can learn to listen to your own inspiration until then feel free to rely on my own
Faith, hope and love 

Lolly: The Doggy Broker                                      February 13, 2017

Sebastion at 1.5 years old and Lolly the Doggy Broker

It was the season in our lives when we were ambivalently looking toward “The Empty Nest”.  The last of our troop was getting prepared to fly the coop and sadly, our precious little dachshund Dutchess, was showing signs of preparing for her departure from the earth.  Argh! How do we cope with all these changes? Planning ahead always seems like a good idea; a baby? Not happening!  A canine child seems like a brilliant idea however, we could never replace Duchess so we would have to try a totally different breed.
During the next few months, I began having dreams of dogs, always preceded with this one large dog as the narrator of my dream.  Dreams can be very powerful and telling of what the subconscious is processing, so I do pay attention and track them.  Soon these dreams became daytime visions so I took them more seriously and began to interact consciously with them knowing that there was a message out there someone wanted me to listen to.  When I asked the narrator what her name was, she said “Lolly. I am a spirit-doggy broker.”  Hmmm.  I wanted to ask what her fee for service was but somehow being a smart-ass didn’t seem wise as I could not see her and didn’t really know who she was.   
Ralph, my husband, wanted a big dog so we started researching large breeds. We, like many married couples found no consensus between us on the breed, gender or color.  Oh well, we kept at our search.  One day while watching TV, a voice spoke out loud to me. Now I don’t know about you, but when I hear a loud voice that nobody else hears in the room, it gets my attention.   The voice told me to quit being selfish and to let Ralph have his way this time. To get a male dog, who didn’t particularly have to be apricot in color? Hmmm. Well being a woman of integrity, I told the voice that my heart couldn’t say those words because it would be a lie. I felt so empowered! Three seconds later I remembered that this being was in my living room and I really didn’t know who or what she was, friend or foe? Being a cock in Chinese astrology, I challenged her (yes, I am a slow learner sometimes) by stating that if she could make my heart soften to her suggestion, that I would concede and still have my integrity. Immediately, a tingly warm feeling came over my chest while I began telling Ralph that he could have any dog his heart desires. We both had tears in our eyes expressing our love for each other.
One week later, my friend Kim and I were eating at an outdoor café, when an SUV pulled up in the parking space next to the café. A beautiful kind looking woman got out, opening the back hood and began preparing her dog for a walk.  My attention was rapt! This dog and I were locking eyes feeling overwhelming love for each other. The voice of Lolly came back to tell me that this was my new companion dog and I had better speak up. OMG! What do I do to not blow this chance? I love him already…yes it was a male dog, 80lbs of a Tandy: black and white Labordoodle. I explained to Kim what was happening.  After she told me I was nuts she began to feel it too.  We both fought back the tears unsuccessfully.
The woman with the dog walked by and I fumbled a few words to greet her. She is a service dog trainer named Val. She was on her way to give this loving dog (my dog!) to someone up the street. Help! What do I say? The cock takes over.  “Excuse me Val, you may think I am kooky but I am not, just different. That dog you have is my dog.”  I began explaining my story to her while Sebastian, the dog, and I cuddled like long-lost friends.  Val could see by my body movements that I have mobility issues and asked me if I had thought of a service dog to assist me. What?! I had never thought that a dog could help me get around or to keep me stable enough to be able to walk in public without someone knocking me down.  I only go out on “good” body days and only with a close friend to help me. Val walked with Sebastian and me showing us possibilities of working together. Kim and I cried together right there in the busy street.
Val had to go to speak with the woman to whom she had promised Sebastian. Kim and I continued to be optimistic due to the previous events and the intervention of Lolly. Eventually, Val came back to the café to give us the wonderful news. The woman had a very generous heart and said that she did not need a service dog today and if someone else’s life could be helped today she would wait for Val to train another one for her.  Sebastian of course had to meet Ralph and Dutchess to make sure we were all a good fit and contracts had to be signed but we had no doubts after the miracles we had just received. That afternoon Dutchess was showing Sebastian the “ropes” of the house welcoming him as part of the family while preparing him to someday be the head doggy.
We all snuggled up in our beds that night feeling blessed for family, all 4 of us! We gave thanks out loud to Lolly, the spirit doggy broker and asked if there was anything we could do for her. She explained how if we had not listened and trusted that it would not have happened. The thank you would be to tell others about the help the heavens/universe has to offer and to let them know that they are never alone; help is just a whisper away.
Faith, hope and love.


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS                                                                 October 12, 2017

For many years, we have been actively learning and practicing ways to heal and advance our souls. We continue to ask the universe, to advance us towards ascension. Well Friends, the time is NOW...Never before in our lifetime's have we had the opportunity to dig deep inside of us and use what we have in learning. Between the fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes our universal family needs us. Your prayers and intentional direction of your energies are essential to healing our planet. With the Fires so close, changing the lives of our neighbors we feel this now more than ever. Listen to your heart and turn your burdens and worries over to God. Being silent enough to hear and understand what your job is. No job will be useless. Don't let your ego belittle you by telling you that your prayers and healing energy is not important. Those directly affected by the earth changes maybe grieving, in shock, or perhaps in hopelessness. Those of us who are physically untouched can have the consciousness to send peace and healing. So dig deep and use the tools you've learned.
Spend time following your heart, Breathe